Meeting and Making the mask


After seven years it was my honor and delight to return to Jana Sanskriti. This time, I came prepared to offer a  workshop and I brought two of my American students.

The workshop was held in three languages – English, Hindi and Bengali. With the help of our willing participants communication was possible.

Workshop participants from Jana Sanskriti South 24 Parganas, a community group from Rajasthan and students interning at Jana Sanskriti

I had never offered this workshop before. I dreamed it and it felt like a good idea. BUILDING THE MASK OF YOUR OPPRESSOR.

Masks have been my specialty for over 30 years and I once worked for a mask maker who made face casts.I had also taken a workshop about your inner demons and this photo is the mask I made for that workshop.

unnamed (2)

In three days, we met and built the masks and on day four, the real work began. Pairs were encouraged to have a conversation with their masks on their phones in the selfie mode.

I think this exercise is a great building block to add to Boal’s Rainbow of Desire and Cop in the Head exercises.

I will be meeting with Katy Rubin in NYC next week to discuss possibilities for further development of this exercise.

Jana Sanskriti once again acts as glue joining like-minded individual together in the world.

I look forward to returning to Jana Sanskriti soon.

Shelly Wyant

Feb 2017


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