About Us

JSIRRI Home for:

  • International exchange among practitioners of Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) and related performance practices
  • Exploratory and dialogic workshops on TO (Forum Theatre, Rainbow of Desire, Legislative Theatre, Newspaper Theatre, Invisible Theatre, Madalena, Aesthetics of the Oppressed) and other related emancipatory forms of performance practice. The focus here will be on skill- and process-sharing, giving space for critical reflection, in which two or more practitioners or groups exchange, interrogate and negotiate different models of practice and the cultural differences and assumptions which underpin them, so that the active consideration of practice is a form of research
  • Facilities for postgraduate and academic research into TO, Applied Theatre, and all forms of performance practice with a political, social and developmental remit
  • Exploratory and innovative work to develop new kinds of theatre practice for these contexts
  • Individual reflection on practice leading to evaluation, publication and sharing of best practice
  • Placements and guided research opportunities for students at all levels working both practically and theoretically in the fields indicated
  • Interrogation of and dialogue about the work and global scope of theatre and performance in TO and related fields; transcultural exchange in action
  • Work on embodied practice for individual and communal change



2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Irene

    We Hawaiians were so impressed and inspired by the Jana Sanskriti Badu crew. Their enthusiasm and energy and talent in portraying the issues of the Bengali communities is amazing. I feel blessed to have been a part of the opening of their new theatre.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is difficult to describe how much you have contributed to us.In little more than a week we have constructed a relationship that we feel often as a powerful inspiration. We also feel blessed to have your solidarity and support. We must meet again. JSIRRI is your new home in India!


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