5th international Non-festival of Theatre of Oppressed in Slovenia




From 6th to 9th of July 2017 Gornji Grad in Slovenia KUD Transformator (www.kudtransformator.com; FB: KUD Transformaotr) hosted the 5th International Non-festival of Theatre of Oppressed. This year the organisers gather 40 jokers working with the methods of Theatre of the Oppressed in Slovenia and abroad as well other TO fans. They participated in three workshops: “Let’s talk about sexism”, “Theatre of the Oppressed under investigation from the inside out” and “Is fear our biggest oppressor?” led by multinational mentors from Slovenia, Austria, Germany and Macedonia. Every evening there were TO performances, opened for the wider public. The performances, that were the results of the three day workshops, were shown on the last day of the festival and open to the public.

Surrounded by idyllic nature the participants exchanged TO experience, knowledge and skills and will spread the new approaches of TO in their home countries and local communities. The organisers KUD Transformator, Pekarna Magdalenske mreze Maribor and Zavod BOB were thrilled by the outcome and cannot wait for the next year. Barbara Polajnar, mentor of the workshop “Let’s talk about sexism” and the Non-festival director said: ” It was magical – all the puzzles came together and we created a TO community. Next year is bringing even more colors and new TO topics and approaches. Join us and be part of it next year. “.

Submitted by

Barbara Polajnar

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