Act for Change – Ghana


Act for Change is a youth-led NGO from Ga-Mashie (James Town), Accra, Ghana which uses interactive, popular theatre and other participatory methods to advocate on social issues that affect communities. Our mission is to affect behaviour change and improve young people’s quality of life using the tool of interactive theatre to communicate social developmental concerns. Act for Change has been working within and outside Greater Accra targeting mainly young people, women and children since 2011. Act for Change is governed by a five-member advisory board, three-member management team and over 50 volunteers across the country. Act for Change operates from an office at the James Town Community Theatre Centre and serves about 1500-2000 of the above mentioned populations yearly.


Behaviour Change Trainings

This aspect focuses on giving training to equip target populations with the knowledge and skills needed to deal with social issues that affect them. Through the training, participants undergo practical behaviour change education to understand the issues and how to articulate them in the public domain. The training also adopts methodologies or tools currently in use in health education and community engagements. During this workshop training, facilitators lead participants on issues analyses and discussions through group work, presentation, sculpting, songs, brainstorming and improvisations. Participants are also trained on methodologies and techniques in interactive theatre.

Story Devising/Performance
Story devising serve as a platform for participants to capture the issues prevailing in their communities for demonstration through theatre to influence change in the community. Through story devising, social issues are carefully woven and captured in a story form to be demonstrated or showcased in the larger communities afterwards. Facilitators guide and allow participants to come up with their own stories -which are not scripted- based on their experiences. Interactive theatre stories are always centered around critical moments in the life of a character(s) facing oppression which are built in every scene allowing audience intervention through touch-tag.

Our Primary Programmes are:

Sexual Reproductive Health Programme
Under this programme, we create awereness on HIV and AIDS, STIs, infections and address sexual reproductive health among young people through Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) workshops, refering clients to friendly health facilities, condoms and lubricants distribution to young people and women and interactive theatre.

Young people’s Rights Programme
Under this programme, we educate and advocate the rights of minorities regardless of sexual orientation, gender, ethnic group, religion and age through (theatre trainings and performances, organising workshops, forums, showing of educational films and documentary on social issues, sexual reproductive health and human rights issues)

Talent and Skills Development Programme
Under this programme, we create a friendly and safe environment for empowerment of young people in order to realize and develop their talents through theatre production, poetry, visual arts, skills and talent development workshops

Act for Change is continuously looking for partners and projects around the world being involved in youth and similar work

Contact Us;
Phone: +233 548 850 681 +233 555 063 211

Submitted by

Collins Seymah Smith

Act for Change


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