Dear community of the Theatre of the Oppressed and all those interested in the JSIRRI project,

We want to welcome you to our new newsletter which has the objective of connecting the global TO community and others working in similar fields, through a quarterly short newsletter.

Jana Sanskriti has in the last years tried to give the global TO community a home in which it can flourish and with JSIRRI to give it a global platform to connect with each other. This newsletter extends that effort.

After the last Muktadhara festival of Jana Sanskriti in December 2016, we formed a small team to edit this newsletter. It consists of Pratyusha Ghosh (Jana Sanskriti, India), Kelly Howe (USA), Ralph Yarrow (University of East Anglia, UK) and Joschka Köck (TdU Wien, Austria).

The idea is that all of you who receive this newsletter can contribute to it: be it as contributors of texts, news (such as festivals, workshops etc.), reflections, presentations of TO groups (or other applied theatre practitioners/movements/companies), archive material, political statements/calls for actions or new methodologies of theatre you have developed etc. (that are roughly 1 to 2 pages long); be it as translators who undertake to translate this letter into other global languages so that it can reach more people; be it through forwarding it to friends of your own TO network; be it through giving active feedback to us as the editing team. Of course you are also very welcome to join our small team. In any case please write a message to

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