Activities 2016

Here is a glimpse of activities planned for 2016 at JSIRRI. Many more are being discussed and will be updated as and when the dates have been finalized.  Click Here to participate in these workshops.

22nd-27th February 2016: Shadow Liberation Workshop 

Facilitated by Evan Hastings,Theatrical Educator,Poetic Performer, USA/India


The brighter the light the darker the shadow. Shadow Liberation uses creatively crafted visual stories to captivate the imagination and invite audiences to interrupt the injustice of gender violence. In the tradition of Augusto Boal’s Forum Theatre, audience members are invited on stage to offer improvisational interventions into scenes depicting oppression. This artistic dialogue offers no quick fix solutions but rather places faith in the emerging ethics of the community to creatively address the problem. We invite you to face the shadows through remarkable works of participatory shadow theatre. Are you ready to step into the shadows? Watch Trailer: Embrace your Shadow Trailer.

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3rd – 8th April 2016: Workshop on Puppet Making, The Dynamic Image & Cantastoria

Facilitated by Tamara Lynne,Artistic Director,Living Stages,Portland,Oregon


The Dynamic Image – moving from the individual story to the collective with Image Theatre

Cantastoria – An Introduction to Picture-Stories

Puppet-Making Workshop/Demonstration – Introduction to Giant Puppets

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13th – 19th June 2016 : Workshop on Forum Theatre & Aesthetics of the Oppressed

Facilitated by Bárbara Santos and Till Baumann, Kuringa, Berlin


The Aesthetics of the Oppressed (Image, Sound, Word) is the theoretical and practical basis of the Theatre of the Oppressed. The Aesthetics of the Oppressed is a means of fighting against the aesthetic invasion of the brains, against the domination of ideas and
perceptions and the authoritarian imposition of pre-established conceptions of the beautiful, the right and the desirable.


The Aesthetics of the Oppressed is an exercise of freedom that goes against the passive consumption and stimulates the creative and critical production of culture and knowledge.

Watch Trailer : Course in Theatre and Aesthetics of the Oppressed in Berlin


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13th to 16th August 2016 : Workshop Revisiting Boal & Using Games as Social Metaphors

Facilitated by Sanjoy Ganguly,Jana Sanskriti Centre for Theatre of the Oppressed, India

DSC_0212 (2)



This workshop will propose games and exercises as a means to examine and understand the reality around us. Based on that understanding, the workshop will script plays which will be performed in the villages. The workshop will also undertake a theoretical journey to visit & revisit Boal.

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