13th – 16th Aug 2016

13th to 16th August 2016 : Workshop Revisiting Boal & Using Games as Social Metaphors

Facilitated by Sanjoy Ganguly

Jana Sanskriti Centre for Theatre of the Oppressed, India

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About the Workshop

The actors will be scripting play. The games and exercise in the workshop will act as social metaphors. Through games the actors will relate to their realities and will relate to themselves.  Thus  actors will find oppression, all of us will try to understand various dimensions of the oppressor and Oppressed  characters. The ideology of the oppressor will be understood through techniques. After the scenes are scripted, the forum play will be structured. Some rehearsal of Forum will be included. The workshop will also undertake a theoretical journey to visit & revisit Boal.

About Sanjoy Ganguly

Sanjoy Ganguly was active in party politics as a student. Disillusioned by its centralist tendencies, he left the party to search for a political culture of dialogue and democracy. He began working in the theatre in rural Bengal in the early 1980s. His encounter several years later with Augusto Boal and the Theatre of the Oppressed, coupled with his own passionate commitment to the creation of a more just and equal society, led him to found Jana Sanskriti(JS), an independent organization committed to the use of theatre to conscientise and empower the communities it serves. With more than thirty active theatre teams(of which 9 are all women teams) associated with the group.

Ganguly’s theatre philosophy is founded on the fact that every individual is essentially intellectual and most often that is not manifested. He believes theatre can manifest that faculty, scripting intellectual power on stage which breaks the passivity and transforms spectators into ‘Spect-activists’.

Ganguly regularly travels across the globe to provide workshops on Theatre of the Oppressed and to deliver lectures in many international Institutes. He is also a visiting lecturer in the University of Leeds for their post graduate course on Theatre and Development.

Video Links:

Work at Purulia district, West Bengal

NDTV India Matters: Theatre of the Oppressed


For more information write to pratyusha@jsirri.org


 More videos on Jana Sanskriti





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