22nd – 27th Feb 2016

Forum Theatre in the Shadows Poster

Facilitated by Evan Hastings,Theatrical Educator,Poetic Performer, USA/India

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“amazingly soul searching, yet equally entertaining”

– Prof Maya Chakravarti V, Director of the Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication – Bangalore (see her entire message here)

Narrative Description

The brighter the light the darker the shadow. Shadow Liberation uses creatively crafted visual stories to captivate the imagination and invite audiences to interrupt the injustice of gender violence. In the tradition of Augusto Boal’s Forum Theatre, audience members are invited on stage to offer improvisational interventions into scenes depicting oppression. This artistic dialogue offers no quick fix solutions but rather places faith in the emerging ethics of the community to creatively address the problem. We invite you to face the shadows through remarkable works of participatory shadow theatre. Are you ready to step into the shadows?

Nuanced & Developed

Far from propaganda or “theatre with a message”, Shadow Liberation draws on real life stories from the performers themselves to depict the complexity of Gender Violence in an authentic voice. Each scene in the play contains an unresolved conflict and the content oscillates between real life situations and shadow representations of internalized oppression.

In the spirit of dialogue after we perform the play, the performance is replayed for the audience. In the second run the audience is invited to pause the dramatic action and come on stage to replace a character who is lacking power, and improvise an alternate way of dealing with the problem in the scene. In this way we personify multiple points of view and honor everyone’s contribution to the ongoing dialogue around Gender Violence.

History and Purpose

We seek to eliminate sexual assault and gender violence by making everyday acts that interrupt injustice contagious and simply irresistible. Shadow Liberation has been featured in numerous publications over the past 5 years, See our press page.

Shadow Liberation started out with the name Gender Shadow, and was was able to reach a wide range of audiences. We performed for urban poor children, international theatre artists, college students and the general public from Bangalore to Calcutta. After every show audience members would approach us and share how moved they were be the performance. Read the article I wrote about Gender Shadow in the Teaching Artist Journal.

Watch Trailer: Embrace your Shadow

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