3rd – 8th April 2016

3rd – 8th April 2016 : Workshop on Puppet Making, The Dynamic Image & Cantastoria

Facilitated by Tamara Lynne,Artistic Director,Living Stages,Portland,Oregon

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The Dynamic Image

Moving from the individual story to the collective with Image Theatre

This workshop will explore techniques from Boal’s Rainbow of Desire to create a shared theatrical language to help move us from the individual to the collective experience. Through theatre, participants will build community, create images, and share stories, with the intention of deepening our understanding of how our personal stories connect to a larger social narrative.


An Introduction to Picture-Stories

Cantastoria comes from the Italian word for “story-singer”, and this is the ancient art of telling a shared story through pictures combined with words, songs, and simple movements. This workshop will offer an introduction to this beautiful and simple art form that is practiced in many cultures across the world. Participants will have the opportunity to create and perform a collective story that opens up opportunities for wider community reflection and action.

Puppet-Making Workshop/Demonstration

Introduction to Giant Puppets

Over 5 days, participants will learn to co-design, co-create, and construct giant puppets out of the simple materials of cardboard and paper maché, and other reused or recycled materials. Representing both challenges and possibilities of the community, the puppets may worn or carried in outdoor public performances, festivals, demonstrations and mobilizations. Participants will learn basic puppet-building and design, as well as facilitation skills to increase participation, engage diverse community members, and work as a collective to achieve a shared goal.

About Tamara Lynne

Tamara Lynne followed her passion for theatre as empowerment, starting with small-town street theatre of her youth in rural Oregon (US) and eventually leading to theatre creation in Brazil, India, and the streets and public places of urban 82nd Avenue in East Portland. After graduating from Lewis and Clark College in Theatre in 2001, Tamara trained with Theatre of the Oppressed founder, Augusto Boal, worked with theatre brigades of the MST, Brazil’s Landless Movement and with the theatre organization Jana Sanskriti in West Bengal. She is the founder of Living Stages, a Portland-based arts organization committed to community empowerment and action.

For more information write to info@jsirri.org



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